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Gain Life Skills That Last A Lifetime

Help teens aged 14-17 learn to thrive in life by applying our lessons into real-life workplace scenarios.


In Workshops


In Jobs


In Life

💯 7 in-person workshops, 20+ hours training

🤝 Over 20 workplace opportunities

🧠 5 weeks attachment, 100+ hours of actual work experience

🏆 Impressive portfolio experience

💌 Letter of recommendation and accomplishment

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Course Coordinator

Hello, I'm Louis, an Educator and Career Coach who specialises in helping youth discover and achieve their dreams!


Course Trainer

I'm Dane, an Executive Coach and Life Strategist with over 25 years of corporate experience. I'm excited to coach young people!

Course Content

The programme consists of 8 individual lessons combined with a 4/5-week work attachment.


We'll start with preparing a CV and portfolio before going into learning specific life skills and work competencies.

Colorful Notebooks

Presenting Yourself (Online)

Design a resume and portfolio that is

optimised to give you the best shot at being selected by companies.

Preparing for Life

Experience the common ways young people struggle after leaving school and learn to thrive beyond that.


Get connected to a wide variety of working professionals  and find a potential mentor for life.

Interview to Impress

Interview directly with business owners and managers and gain valuable feedback from them!

Transferrable Skills

Pick up some extremely useful skills like project management and graphic design that will serve you for life.

Work Attachment

Gain actual work experience for around 4 weeks as you get attached to a company.

Professional Communications

Develop effective verbal and written communication skills, moving  from good-for-school, to good-for-work.

Building a Network

Start growing your personal network which will bring tenfold benefits in the future. 

Next Steps

Beyond the past 5-week journey of work attachment, set greater objectives and plans for yourself.

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