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Gain Life Skills That Last A Lifetime

Help teens aged 14-17 learn to thrive in life by applying our lessons into real-life workplace scenarios.


In Workshops


In Jobs


In Life

💯 7 in-person workshops, 20+ hours training

🤝 Over 20 workplace opportunities

🧠 5 weeks attachment, 100+ hours of actual work experience

🏆 Impressive portfolio experience

💌 Letter of recommendation and accomplishment

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Course Coordinator

Hello, I'm Louis, an Educator and Career Coach who specialises in helping youth discover and achieve their dreams!


Course Trainer

I'm Dane, an Executive Coach and Life Strategist with over 25 years of corporate experience. I'm excited to coach young people!

Course Content

The programme consists of 8 individual lessons combined with a 4/5-week work attachment.


We'll start with preparing a CV and portfolio before going into learning specific life skills and work competencies.

Colorful Notebooks

Presenting Yourself (Online)

Design a resume and portfolio that is

optimised to give you the best shot at being selected by companies.

Preparing for Life

Experience the common ways young people struggle after leaving school and learn to thrive beyond that.


Get connected to a wide variety of working professionals  and find a potential mentor for life.

Interview to Impress

Interview directly with business owners and managers and gain valuable feedback from them!

Transferrable Skills

Pick up some extremely useful skills like project management and graphic design that will serve you for life.

Work Attachment

Gain actual work experience for around 4 weeks as you get attached to a company.

Professional Communications

Develop effective verbal and written communication skills, moving  from good-for-school, to good-for-work.

Building a Network

Start growing your personal network which will bring tenfold benefits in the future. 

Next Steps

Beyond the past 5-week journey of work attachment, set greater objectives and plans for yourself.

  • Who is this programme for?
    This course is for youths aged 14-19. By the end of this programme, learners would have gained significant insight into their future paths and gained valuable experiences that can distinguish them on their portfolios.
  • What is the time commitment?
    There will be approximately 3-4 days of workshops and training prior to the work attachment in order to effectively prepare students for the workplace. Work attachments will take place for 4 weeks during the June/December holidays. The next run of Meteor will be for the December 2023 holidays.
  • Where will the workshops be held?
    The workshops will be held at our workshop venue at 2 Linden Dr, Singapore 288683. They will be conducted in the Special Programmes Room at Nanyang Girls' High School.
  • Is there a cost?
    Yes, this programme charges a fee that not only covers the sourcing and arranging of work attachments but also the educational aspects of this program which includes the online modules, workshops and course content on the specific domains that students will be upskilled in.
  • What types of work attachments are available?
    We have a wide range of companies in different industries, some of which are Technology, Social Service, Business. Students will be expected to take on roles such as marketing, product development and operations and managerial roles.
  • Do students get to choose which companies to join?
    Students may choose up to 5 companies to join, and be shortlisted for at least 2 interviews. If their interviewers find them suitable after the interview, students may then select which company they want to join. Students who do not get accepted by any company after their interviews will be allocated to other companies who still have openings.
  • Will students who are selected for work attachments be paid?
    As this is a work attachment as part of a learning programme, instead of an employment opportunity, students will not be paid during the programme. If finances are a concern, drop us an email as we offer financial assistance schemes for low-income students.
  • How many students will there be in each class?
    We maintain a ratio of 1 instructor/facilitator to 10 students.
  • What if I am not able to make it for one of the sessions?
    Students who attend at least 80% of all training sessions and workdays will receive a certificate of completion as well as letters of recommendation that will greatly support their future school and job applications. If you are not able to make it for any session, please highlight it to our team at any point in time. If you need to take time off during your work attachment for holidays or CCAs, please inform the companies during the interview stage.
  • Will there be another cycle?
    Our programme happens around the June and December holidays each year. You can email us if you'd like to reserve a place for a future cycle.
  • Where can I get more information?
    You may reach us via email at, or WhatsApp us at 88574504.
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