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Real-World Skills & Experience To Give You An Advantage For Scholarships, University, & Your Future

Our 6-week long METEOR Certification is designed with support from professionals from Visa, Shopee, LinkedIn, and other companies for youths in secondary schools aged 14-17. As the world grows increasingly complex, our programme aims to help students grow in capacity and capability to navigate future uncertainties.

The programme is also designed to give students an advantage beyond only academic performance as they prepare for applications to university, scholarships, and the workforce. 

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Work Attachment Programme Certification & Letters

Youths will be connected to our supporting advisors as they develop the learning outcomes, projects, and throughout their work attachments where applicable. 

Upon completion, each participant will recieve:

A personalised METEOR Programme certificate, detailing project/work attachment involvement and accomplishment

Personalised reference letter from the METEOR team, to act as supporting documentation for future endeavours

Personalised reference letter from their work attachment or project supervisor, detailing areas of impact and excellence.


Our Partners

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Work Attachment Programme Timeline

The programme will take place in June and December.

Session 1

Online Module

Basics of Job Applications

Learn how to design a resume and portfolio. Optimise your resume with personalised pointers on how to present yourself, including on choice of fonts and layout, so as to give yourself the best shot at being selected in the few seconds recruiters take to scan your resume. Get interview tips and hear directly from employers through an actual interview opportunity for a work attachment of your choice!

Session 2


Professional Communications

Build the confidence to engage with and communicate with adults in the workplace. Understand different communication styles, and practise using them in different contexts. Learn how written and verbal communication techniques directly impact your ability to assert, empathise, build confidence, and create lightness where appropriate.

Session 3


Workplace Competencies

and Hard Skills

Pick up tools commonly used for project management and social media content creation. Work on actual tasks that an organisation of your interest might assign you. Get feedback on your work, and learn to ask the right questions. Gain an understanding of how to orientate yourself when you join a new team, so as to understand organisational interests and advance your role.

Session 4


Actual Job Interviews

with Employers

Attend interviews for work attachment opportunities and receive feedback from our partners regarding your performance. Identify steps to improve your capabilities and embark on portfolio-building with our guidance. Learn to create opportunities for yourself, so that you can have stronger portfolios that can augment your strengths and bolster your weaknesses.

Session 5


Workplace Etiquette

and Boundaries

Learn about what is expected of you at the workplace as you encounter simulations of common workplace dilemmas. Managing your relationships with your peers, supervisors and other colleagues creates less stressful work environments in which you can thrive. Understand how to set healthy boundaries at work to safeguard your time, energy, and sense of fulfilment. 

Session 6


Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Network

Set up and populate your LinkedIn profile. Balance between professionalism and personal connection for effective reach on the platform. Use your newfound LinkedIn networking skills and reach out to a professional (of your choice) from Crater's network. Co-organise a networking event in June, with your peers in this programme! 

Portfolio Building:

4 weeks

Work Attachment or

Project Venture

Reflect on your experiences and learnings from the past sessions. Share with your peers your areas of growth. Identify what you would do differently or areas you wish to further explore/ develop in moving forward.

Session 7


Networking Session with

Working Professionals

Spend time hosting, designing and facilitating this session, in which you invite working professionals from Crater's industry contacts. Look forward to learning from the life experiences of various entrepreneurs, change-makers, researchers, etc. from a myriad of industries like health, technology and engineering.

Session 8


Programme Closing

and Reflections

Reflect on your experiences and learnings from the past sessions. Reflect on your areas of growth and share with your peers. Identify what you would do differently or areas you wish to further explore/develop in moving forward. Discover ways to apply lessons learned to your own life and future situations.

*The portfolio building session will be a month-long process where students have the opportunity

to be attached to our partner organisations OR work on a structured project equivalent

to work experience with our guidance.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Situations like starting an innovation project or joining a work attachment at a young age allow students to be exposed and motivated to pick up new skills essential to navigate the future. Through this, students become future-ready and better able to deal with uncertainty. 

Drawing from research in various disciplines, including complexity sciences, organisational development, futures thinking and the social sciences, METEOR is designed to focus on three key aspects that mutually reinforce each other to enable adaptability and confidence to act in emergent and uncertain situations.  Participants who go through the programme can expect the following:



Practise individual development and learn self-awareness


Skills In Demand

Learn skills in demand related to chosen career pathways


Strategic Perspectives

Gain an understanding of how to identify organisational needs, and the roles that individuals can play in that

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Have a glimpse of what the

work attachment programme entails

We believe that hands-on experiences such as embarking on a work attachment or kickstarting a passion project are invaluable portfolio-building opportunities. These opportunities allow individuals to discover themselves, learn to work better with others and delve head first into innovative solutions for real-world problems.

What students say

“In school when we answer questions,

there is already a set answer. But at work it’s a lot more complex than that, there is no answer and we have to just keep trying.”
Yufan, 15

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“I've never used Canva properly before.

The programme was really helpful in helping me explore more, especially as I focused on design. I became more confident in asking questions as I got to practice interacting with someone and clarifying my doubts.”
Qing Ran, 15

“This programme has been a super enriching experience for me! I realised how communications is such an important soft skill at the workplace.”
Kacey, 15

“Upon reflection, I realised how I could have better facilitated meetings and discussions. I got to learn more deeply about the Singaporean context, specifically how our cultural norms affect how we view and treat the elderly. The workshops were very helpful as it allowed me to discover a new side of myself. I realised that I use different types of communication styles in different settings, and I look forward to experimenting with them.”
Kirstin, 15

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What our partners say

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“My interns were inquisitive & learned very quickly. Most of them took initiative and had good working attitudes. Some of them extended their work attachment with us and continue to help out .”

- Rong Xin, Co Founder & Chief Explorer of Explorer Junior


“The students had done well and were able to contribute in the role(s) we had assigned to them.”

- Adrian, Co Founder & Chief Operations Officer of SG Assist

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Are you a student who wants to join this programme?

Or a parent who wants to prepare your child for the future of work?