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Dive into pressing world issues

and turn ideas into action.

IMPACT! is a 3-day social innovation challenge that aims to equip students with the necessary foundational skills and knowledge required to start and sustain an impact project. Through facilitated ideation sessions, prototyping, sharings from guest speakers and consultations, students work on problem statements from a selected theme and propose a solution at the end of the challenge.

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       What is Impact?

  • Analysis on how organizations drive change

  • Introduction to youth around the world who are driving impact

       Sharpening Your Challenge

  • Problem Identification, shaping a “how might we”

  • Introduction to the Theory of Change

      Ideating Your Intervention

  • Ideate on ways to address the selected problem statement 

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Day 2

      Basics of Balancing Purpose
       and Profit

  • Understanding the basics of social enterprises and impact organisations

  • Basic financial modelling 

  • Evaluating the feasibility, desirability and viability of ideas

      Sharpening Skills to Drive


  • Students will create a plan, prototype or landing page to address a social/ environmental challenge

  • Analyse the roles that different stakeholders play in the impact scene

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Day 3

     Introduction to Impact Evaluation

  • Evaluation planning: goal-setting, measuring output vs outcome, selecting indicators to measure, data collection methods

      Honing Effective Presentation


  • Gain confidence in public speaking, verbal and non-verbal communications

        Pitching for Funding

  • Components of a good pitch deck

  • Crafting a compelling and concise pitch


What students say

"Thank you for sharing this programme with me!!! I enjoyed it a lot :)))"

- Megan Hoeidjaja, Secondary 4

“These 3 days have been nothing but truly the quote “live laugh learn”...We picked up knowledge on the sustainability design industry and made our own product, “SporkStick”.”

- Sporkstick Team, Secondary 2

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What our partners say

Interseed Word Logo_Black - Irsyad Ramth

Working with Crater to plan and run Project IMPACT has definitely been a highlight for my 2021. I was continuously impressed by what students are capable of when given the space not just to dig deeper into challenges they wanted to solve, but also to come up with unexpectedly delightful and effective solutions in a short span of a week.

I am truly excited to see what more students will come up with from Project IMPACT, and how the programme will strengthen the foundation of our youth driving social and environmental impact.

- Interseed, IMPACT! Facilitator

PM Haze Logo.png

PM Haze has been working with educational institutions at various levels. When we found out about Crater's programme at NYGH, we were really excited to see how their model of community building would work. While we have spent a short time with Crater and NYGH, we saw how a programme like this could benefit the girls. They could gain 'real world' experience through connecting with social and environmental impact practitioners. They are also given the opportunity to learn project management skills, developing budgets, which are all very relevant to today's world.

- PMHaze, IMPACT! Guest Speaker

Package Pals Logo.jpg

Project Impact! was an immensely meaningful programme that not only benefited the students participating in it, but also community partners such as myself. As someone relatively new to the start-up / community project scene, I could tell that the knowledge, frameworks and skills imparted onto the students provided them with the necessary foundation to develop their entrepreneurial passions at a young age, and would go a long way in furthering their personal and professional development. As a partner, I was also left thoroughly inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the students.

- Package Pals, IMPACT! Guest Speaker 


Are you an organisation

who wants to be part of IMPACT!

Or an educator or a student

who wants to bring this to your school?

Join us in bringing real-world relevance

to learning in schools!

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