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A Learning by Design Initiative

We have been appointed by
Design Singapore Council as one
of the programme partners!

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Remember being asked, 

What was your answer back then? Did it change over time? If so, why?

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Here in Crater, we help students unearth their passions. Our programmes emphasise on exposing students to first-hand experience and knowledge of real world issues and career pathways. We believe that by doing so, we can enable them to better identify their ambitions and make meaning of their learning in school.

Based directly in schools, we and our partners work with students on a long-term basis, giving them easy access to the information they need about the “real-world”. 

Whether you are an organisation, a working professional or an educator, we hope that you will join us in enabling students to discover their potential and to navigate their dreams.

We keep students’

learning REAL.

Together with the organisations and working professionals we work with, we run programmes designed to bring real-world relevance to students’ learning in schools.



A 3-day social impact challenge that equips students with the necessary foundational skills and knowledge required to start and sustain an impact project. In groups of 4 to 5 members, students will work on problem statements from a selected theme, and propose their solution at the end of the challenge.



A holiday programme designed for youths in secondary schools aged 14-17. As the world grows increasingly complex, our programme aims to help students grow in capacity and capability to navigate future uncertainties.

Our Programmes
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Our Community

Through their empowerment and support for students and the work they do, the organisations and working professionals in our community play a vital role in the delivery of our programmes. Apart from which, Crater also acts as a channel for them to work in tandem with like-minded organisations to achieve greater impact.  

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Chewyourveggies bring wholesale fruits and fresh veggies from the farmlands to your table. They focus on encouraging individuals to be aware of healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and to cultivate mindfulness. 


  • Chewyourveggies FB
  • Chewyourveggies IG
  • Chewyourveggies Web
Health • Mental Wellness
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EduTorque is a automotive education company set up in 2010 with a vision to be the most recognized automotive education provider in South East Asia 


  • Edutorque Facebook
  • Edutorque Website
EJ logo - Rong Xin Ng.png

Explorer Junior prepares young curious minds for a lifetime of exploration through the enrichment classes, holiday and after school programmes they run using the STEAM interdisciplinary approach and design-thinking methodology.

Explorer Junior

  • Explorer Junior Facebook
  • Explorer Junior Instagram
  • Explorer Junior Website
Education • Tech
Our Community
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We nurture schools and communities that are interested to grow as good-food all-rounders by curating programs, workshops, talks on exploring regenerative mindset and practices through food.

Food Citizen

  • Food Citizen Instagram
  • Food Citizen Website
Health • Environment
FRIENDZONE_Logos_Primary_2Color_Black -

Friendzone is dedicated to activating and creating young adult communities through meaningful conversations. They design events, workshops & campaigns to facilitate the exchange of perspectives between neighbours.


  • Friendzone Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Friendzone Website
Youth • Social
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Through their innovation bootcamps, designed STEM classes, and sustainability products, GUILD crafts learning experiences with the community to grow Asia's grounded innovators who give and build towards a better future for all.


  • GUILD Facebook
  • GUILD Website
Education • Youth
Hatch Logo
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IfThenHow is a young social enterprise that explores how communities can tweak the process of dialogue to build a more versatile diversity.


  • IfThenHow Website
Interfaith & Diversity
Interseed Word Logo_Black - Irsyad Ramth

Interseed is building a platform and publication that help founders solve challenges to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate pollution, and prevent resource depletion.


  • Interseed Facebook
  • Interseed Instagram
  • Interseed Website

Hatch prepares learners from all walks of life for digital and design careers with a commitment to make opportunities achievable and accessible for everyone.


  • Hatch Facebook
  • Hatch Instagram
  • Hatch Website
Education • Youth
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Junior Art Lab is an edutech social enterprise committed to creating unique learning experiences to nurture creative confidence and empower learners through art, design & technology.

Junior Art Lab

  • Junior Art Lab Facebook
  • Junior Art lab Instagram
  • Junior Art Lab Website
Education • Youth
Kanga Design-07.png

Kanga Creative is a bespoke digital marketing and design agency. Our work focus on building good communication for our clients that is meaningful and relevant.

Kanga Creative

  • Kanga Facebook
  • Kanga Website
Digital Marketing • Art

Openjio is a learning community of people who care about social issues in Singapore. Their vision is to build a strong community network engaging young people to learn about social causes and contribute back to society.

  • Open Jio Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Open Jio Website


Community Building
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After 15 years of experience working as a software engineer, founder of Play Coding Mr Lee started Playcoding to enable more children and adults to easily learn about computer programmes and coding through the workshops and classes his team runs.


  • Playcode facebook
  • playcode website
PM Haze Logo (Use this if the other vers

We focus on haze prevention programmes in Singapore and our region. Our advocacy work involves convincing consumers and businesses to adopt haze-free practices. We also partake in the restoration of degraded peatland areas in Indonesia and Malaysia.

PM Haze

  • PMHaze facebook
  • PMHazeinstagram
  • PM Haze Website
Education • Environment
Praxium Logo - Nabilah Syed Sultan.png

Praxium helps youth discover their purpose, build their talent, and grow their experience. They do so through their career exploration programmes, career counselling services, mentorship and internship opportunities.


  • praxium facebook
  • praxium instagram
  • Praxium Website
Education • Youth
Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 8.05.20 PM.png

Skilio is an AI-powered soft skills development platform. Our web application helps education institutions to capture and track soft skills development of their students in the programmes or curriculum that they run.


  • Skilio Facebook
  • Skilio Instagram
  • Skilio Website
Education • Youth
SMHFF 2020 LOGOS-BLUE - Cheryl Tan.png

The Festival uses film as a catalyst to advocate and promote conversations about mental health. They connect their audience with a panel of diverse voices to initiate conversation, and provide tools and resources on mental wellness.


  • Singapore Mental Health Festival Facebook
  • Singapore Mental Health Festival Instagram
  • Singapore Mental Health Festival Website
Mental Wellness
The Affirmative People Logo - Juliana Jo

The Affirmative People helps their clients to explore health tools and assessments, and supports them as they unearth the source of their issues, reframe limiting beliefs and strategically achieve their breakthroughs.

The Affirmative People

  • The Affirmative People facebook
  • The Affirmative People instagram
Health • Mental Wellness
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WhiteIsntBlack help moms get back on track with their life after kids. Finding their dreams, working towards achieving it and better themselves. They provide counselling, business setup advice and social media trainings.


  • WhiteIsntBlack Facebook
  • WhiteIsntBlack Instagram
  • WhiteIsntBlack Website
WD2.2 - Wild Dot.jpg

Wild Dot uses the creative process of art-making with Nature as a medium to engage people in exploring and learning about the flora and fauna. Using plants found in Singapore and urban waste, they make plant-based watercolours art pieces.

Wild Dot

  • wild dot instagram
  • wild dot website
Art • Environment
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Want to find out more?

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